The results of the Ubuntu 9.04 Free Culture Showcase have just been announced. MoShang (a.k.a. Jean Francois Marais) won the Audio category with his sound track ‹Invocation›. The winning entries in the Video and Graphic/Photo categories are from, respectively, Robbie Ferguson and William J McKee Jr. These works will be showcased in the "Examples/" directory in the upcoming Ubuntu 9.04 distribution. They are all released under a Creative Commons "Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0" license.

People who are into downtempo electronica probably know about and enjoy MoShang's tracks already, so MoShang Music hardly needs introduction. MoShang produced the highly acclaimed «Asian Variations» remix album in 2007, and co-produced with Pig Head Skin the collaborative music album «CABACA» in 2008. He also remixed and mastered Kou Chou Ching's double-CD award-nominated album «KOU!! It's Coming Out!!!». By the way, he is a "son-in-law of Taiwan" — a title Taiwanese fondly refer to the one who arrives from afar and gets married to one of their daughters. (Yes, someone was in their wedding just recently!)

The track ‹Invocation› is from his new EP «Stone Bell». MoShang also does live online mixes in Second Life, and is now putting up new online mixes at his website every week. Go find them and enjoy the mixes!

Note: This entry was first posted at the Creative Commons Taiwan web site.

Stone Bell
MoShang Live Online

莫尚音樂與 Ubuntu 9.04 自由文化選拔活動

Ubuntu 9.04 自由文化選拔活動日前宣佈得獎者。其中的聲音項目由莫尚 (MoShang) 的 ‹Invocation› 一曲獲選。影像和圖像項目分別由 Robbie Ferguson 和 William J McKee Jr 的作品獲選。將於四月發佈的 Ubuntu 9.04 最新版本中,三項作品將收錄在其中的「範例」目錄,並以創用CC「姓名標示-相同方式分享 2.0」授權條款釋出供公眾使用。

許多電子音樂的愛好者對莫尚這位台灣女婿(是的,住在台灣的他幾周前才結了婚,有位台灣太太)的作品,應該都不會感到陌生。他於2007年製作的 «Asian Variations» 混音專輯深獲好評,2008年與朱約信共同製作了《卡巴卡》協力創作合輯(兩張專輯都使用創用CC授權)。拷秋勤的金曲獎入圍專輯《拷!!出來了!!!》,也是由他混音。

這次獲選的 ‹Invocation› 一曲收錄於他新近的 EP 專輯 «Stone Bell»。莫尚在 Second Life 每週有一次即時混音演出,目前他也陸續把這些演出的錄音檔在他的網站上釋出(採創用CC「姓名標示-非商業性 2.5 台灣」授權條款)。聽聽看,你會入迷!