Soon will convert to At this moment of transition, I want to thank @evan for creating the software powering, and for running the site for the last 5 years. I joined in October 2008 (thanks, Jon!). Soon I realize the people on is an amazing bunch. I learn a lot from them, and hope I have been useful to some in some way. In I have been learning to express myself digitally, and I thank @evan and the community for that.

Taiwanese of my generation are almost uniformally bad at communicating to others. We were brought up in an authoritative regime; the martial law in Taiwan was lifted only after I graduated from the university. Many of us were taught to keep our mouths tight when we were young. Even after growing up, I still do not communicate that much, even and in particular to family members and close friends. There was a time when speaking too much to strangers would surely get you into trouble. I knew that personally. When the time has changed, my generation still do not speak well, and do not speak much.

It is within this context I started to experience as a public media for personal expression. I like the way people have conversations in the open. I am fascinated by the broad knowledge and the pointed views in this community. I like I can speak to myself and to an unknown audience at the same time. And I read the many signals and enjoy their ambiguities.

This has been an incredible experience. Thank you, @evan and!