By chance I encountered this CD album titled «Whale Island Uprising: Declaration of Human Rights». What caught my eyes actually is not the reflective words on the cover of album package (my apology for the following inadequate translation):

In the Winter of 2008, the youth of the Whale Island gang first put together their voices. With their plain and pure passion, and their believe in equity and justice, they brought out these works to show they care!

Think — of all the lies in the media and politics, how would you look through the superficies and get to the truth?

Feel — in your wandering and loss, and the rigidity and constraints of the system, do you see yourself?

Watch — human rights ignored and by-passed, can you endure the inequities and the consequences?

Rather, it is the small CC BY-NC mark at the back of the album cover that I recognize by instinct. On the cover, there are also links to Amnesty International Taiwan and the Small Place Tour events. How would human rights and copyright rights connect in this CC-licensed CD produced by Gamaa Music?

The connection is that music societies in ten colleges in central and southern Taiwan, as well as many indie bands, collaborated in organizing more than 10 Small Place Tour concerts last year. Year 2008 is the 60th anniversary of the universal declaration of human rights. Amnesty International had been working with artists and musicians everywhere in giving small concerts, so as to reach out to people to care for worldwide human rights issues. This global campaign was called the Small Place Tour.

These concerts and the albums were not funded by Amnesty International; they were voluntary efforts by the participating artists and musicians. By using music to promote human rights, it was hoped that the message would touch upon more people. It is by this connection that I feel especially thankful that the «Whale Island Uprising» album is released under a CC license.

Note: This entry was first posted at the Creative Commons Taiwan web site.

CD album cover




思索 — 在媒體政治操作的紛擾矯情謊言喧鬧洪流中,要怎麼看穿表面,回溯本質?

心疼 — 人們盲目追尋徬徨迷惘,被扭曲的體制規訓束縛,孤寂空洞中看不到自己。

看見 — 人權價值被忽略與輕蔑,導致社會問題叢生及資源分配的不公不義。

而是近乎「職業性」本能所瞄到、不起眼的創用CC授權標示。這張由迦鎷文化音樂國際有限公司發行的專輯,以「姓名標示 — 非商業性」方式釋出。

CD包裝盒上卻也同時標示了國際特赦組織台灣總會以及「小地方音樂季」 (Small Place Tour) 的網址。著作權與人權有關嗎?